For bigger volumes oceanfreight is the most economical way to transport goods. Goods are loaded in 20 or 40 foot containers onboard huge containerships. Standard services are FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load), which service depends on your goods volume. Goods packaging is important to withstand sailing over rough oceans.

NB: We strongly recommend all owner of goods to have cargo/transport insurance for their shipment. Only an insurance will fully cover your goods value in case of cargo loss or damage, as well as if ship owners call out General Average. Ask us for an one-off cargo/transport insurance.


Typical lead times port-port are:
- From China and Far East 6-7 weeks
- From US West Coast 4-6 weeks
- From US East Coast 2-3 weeks

Oceanfreight is suitable for:
- For lowest freightcost possible
- Well planned regular orders
- Bigger loads and volumes
- Heavy and high dense cargo

FCL: Full container

Full containers (FCL) contains goods for one single customer only. FCL is appropriate and most economical for big volumes and goods characteristics is not loadable together with other types of goods. FCL is offered from most Norwegian ports, and arrival as well as delivery of container can be arranged to consignee's nearest port.

LCL: General Cargo

With LCL service goods are loaded in consolidated containers with cargo to multiple consignees, and each party pays for their demanded space in container. LCL is a solution when shipper do not have enough volume to fill or justify freightcost for FCL.