Railfreight to Norway

Railfreight from the Far East has long been a somewhat forgotten transport mode, but had a sharp upswing during 2020 and the Corona's challenges with lack of capacity and rapidly rising rates at sea and air freight. Transporting goods by rail from China is placed somewhere between seafreight and airfreight. Significantly faster than seafreight and significantly cheaper than airfreight, railfreight is good alternative for larger volumes such as LCL/general cargo or FCL/full containers. Overseas Logistics has offered our customers railfreight from China since 2017 and has gained good experience with the railway as a freight alternative. Railfreight is more climate friendly and quite similar to seafreight since the goods are loaded in containers, the routing is of course different and on arrival in Europe the containers are transhipped in Germany or Poland with delivery directly to the customer or to a terminal near Oslo for distribution.

Overseas Logistics -Togfrakt til Norge

Railfreight is suitable for:

- High value goods shipped in large volumes
- Goods arriving your market sooner
- Regular shipments with shorter lead times
- Reduction of your local inventory
- Shorter lead times without increasing carbon footprint

Typical lead times station-station:

- from China 16-19 days

FCL: Full container

Full containers (FCL) contains goods for one single customer only. FCL is appropriate and most economical for big volumes and goods characteristics is not loadable together with other types of goods. After Import clearance container can be delivered direct to customer for unloading.

LCL: General Cargo

With LCL service goods are loaded in consolidated containers with cargo to multiple consignees, and each party pays for their demanded space in container. LCL is a solution when shipper do not have enough volume to fill or justify freightcost for FCL.