About us

Overseas Logistics is an international freight forwarding company and your compass in the world of international trade.

From small shipments to large loads, we ensure that your goods reach their destination, every time.

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In 2004, we started as Prime Cargo in Vestby, driven by Danish entrepreneurs. After expanding to Gardermoen in 2008, Norwegian owners took over the management in 2013. With a strategic vision, we separated Prime Cargo and Overseas Logistics in 2021 into two distinct entities, each intensely focused on their specialties.

Welcome to Overseas Logistics, formerly known as our Gardermoen branch. We offer exceptional air, sea, and rail freight services, as well as customs services, driven by the same dedicated team and the same quality you have always expected from us.

We go to great lengths to ensure that your logistics solutions are of the highest quality and delivered on time—no matter the size of your business. With an extensive network of reliable partners, we build bridges across the world, strengthened by long-term relationships that date back to our beginnings.

At Overseas Logistics, it's not just about business. It's about personal connections that give you the confidence and trust that we always prioritize your needs.

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Fundamental Human Rights and Decent Working Conditions

Olog works for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions both internally and with our partners and suppliers. By decent working conditions, we mean the protection of Health, Environment, and Safety in the workplace, social and cultural rights, and ensuring that employees are paid a living wage. Furthermore, all minimum wage requirements must be met. Employees should also be free to organize if they wish. Olog expects our partners and suppliers to uphold these standards properly.

The company's top executive is responsible for ensuring compliance with these requirements and for establishing internal procedures, but each employee is obligated to follow established routines and report any suspicions of violations.

In case of suspected violations of human rights and decent working conditions by our suppliers and partners, Olog will investigate the incident and ensure that necessary measures are implemented. In cases of serious violations, this could lead to the termination of cooperation agreements and contracts.